My Writings on the Holy Bible:


     My Devotions with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ–Posted Weekly


     My Notes and Thoughts on Proverbs–Posted Not so Regularly


     My Introduction:

These are some of my notes, observations, and comments on the My daily Bible readings as well as the Proverbs of Solomon. I have unfortunately lost some of my notes on this important Book of the Bible named Proverbs when I moved several years back to the Pacific Northwest, but I hope to either find them again or write notes on them once more after I type these notes that I have from the handwritten copies I did in my spare time that I did while teaching school in the San Francisco East Bay area of California. Proverbs is one of the most valuable but least written about this wonderful Book in the Old Testament poetry section; and my hopes and prayers are that someone or several people will get something valuable, a little nugget of the truth of God in Proverbs, as they read through these notes. I am not a Bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination but I love to read and study the Holy Bible, and have been through it many times since I became a Christian believer in Christ Jesus many years ago just before I went on to a college in the upper western part of Washington and earned my Elementary Education teaching degree. Since that time, I have been teaching school in both private Christian schools as well as in public schools; but now I am a retired teacher living on my small pension and have a lot of free time to write on one of my favorite Books of the Bible, Proverbs (my second favorite Book is the Psalms and I am posting my writing under my name on my Facebook page as well). I will be writing this, hopefully, on all of the Books of the Holy Bible and Proverbs as well (Lord willing), and I am praying for the Lord’s help through His Holy Spirit in doing this task; and that whoever reads this will spiritually and practically get something from it on how to live a life pleasing to our LORD Yahweh, our heavenly Father, and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior of our souls.

The Book of Proverbs tells us how to live our new lives in Christ Jesus that are pleasing to our Lord God, as well as what to avoid that is not pleasing to God; and both of these are very practical living this life before the Lord Jesus Christ as He has told us to do in His Holy Bible. I have read through the Holy Bible several times through the many years I have been born again in the Lord Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit convicting me from the Gospel of John. But only recently (actually last year or so) has the Holy Spirit has shown me the need to write some devotional comments for each day of my reading through His Word once again. Thank you for reading these notes as I post them and sincerely hope that you get something out of them for the sake of the Kingdom of God in which you hopefully belong to Him. Amen and Amen!


Don G. Woodhull, August of 2017 on Proverbs (when I started copying my notes written several years prior to this date) and January 2018 for my devotional notes on my reading of the Holy Bible.


Some examples of the Music I have Written and Recorded quite long time ago as Music Videos with pictures of Whidbey Island are posted below this page:


This is an older Love Song Written from Song of Songs 4:9-5:11 by Solomon:




This is one of several Jazz Songs I composed on my Keyboards:



I hope that as you listen to these old recordings of mine, that you will enjoy them. Both songs are copyrighted by me. I have written several of these love songs from the Song of Solomon and other Biblical passages, and many other songs (for children and adults) as well.  In case you are interested in performing them, contact information is on this web site. I just learned how to put this on my web page from my course on Making Web Sites with WordPress from an ed2go class. Next I will be learning how to do Audio Plugins for my music and then I will add some of my audio recordings to this website. Thanks for listening to them and reading what I have written about the Holy Bible.